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Website design advice we learnt in 2019

Last year was great and we worked with many excellent people helping them grow their businesses.

We had a lot of fun meeting new clients, working with our partners and learning new things as well.

So now 2020 is underway what can we take from the year just gone?

Get more than one quote

We’ve spoken to a number of people who paid extortionate amounts to their existing developers for webdesign work, graphics and online marketing.

I would always recommend you get at least 3 quotes so you can compare prices and services.

Getting a quote from StudioRav takes minutes so if you are looking to save some money get in touch today.

Always keep your website updated

We came across a number of websites which didn’t have SSL certificates, out of date plugins or forgotten blogs.

Keeping the frontend and backend of your website updated is good for security, speed, SEO and content.

Talk to us if you need help with managing your website as so often companies just aren’t aware of this.

Find someone who suits how you work

Everyone works differently – some of us prefer a call every week, others only get in touch in an emergency.

Having a webdesigner who understands how you work and can accommodate your business life is so useful.

Save time, energy and get the support you deserve by working with a website designer who values your business.

Think about your entire funnel

It’s important to understand that your website is just part of your overall sales funnel which can include:

Develop the website to complement your sales funnel accordingly.

Do something – it doesn’t have to be perfect

Waiting for perfection or constantly delaying projects due to minor things is not a wise thing to do.

Set yourself a deadline and stick to it.

The only reason to delay things is if you’re really unhappy with a project.

Quite often projects are delayed due to small things which in the overall picture don’t even make a difference.

It’s much better to get something out there and get real feedback from customers rather than wasting time on chopping and changing things.

Set a good project brief

The truth is some clients are either i) not very well organised, or ii) don’t know what they really want.

The result is you end up with a product which doesn’t meet expectations and things get delayed as you try to fix it.

Always spend time at the start to flesh out your idea and get a solid idea of what you want to end up with.

Anything website related, speak to StudioRav

All year we heard ‘we should have contacted you first’, and it’s true. You can save money, time, effort and so much more if you speak to us.

Even if you already have a web designer, if you want another quote get in touch.

The worst that can happen is we would decide not to work together, the best that can happen is we would have an amazing business relationship.