I set up StudioRav because I recognised a need. I saw companies who wanted to promote their businesses better online but didn’t know where to start. Our mission is to help as many of them as possible.

Humble beginnings

One day I took my bag and walked to the local high street, Soho Road in Birmingham, to see as many businesses as I could. I had never run my own business before, although I’d always wanted to. I didn’t really have much money, and I didn’t go to the bank for a loan or anything like that.

I simply printed out some flyers and handed them out in every shop, store and building I could manage. In that one day I went from thinking about starting to my own business to actually doing it. I didn’t ask for anyones permission, and I didn’t really get help from anyone either. But from those humble beginnings I found my first client (who is still a client to this day).

Many years have passed since, but from that day on I’ve worked with a huge range of companies, in all kinds of fields, with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Clients who were happy with my work began to refer me to their friends and family. I began to meet other freelancers and creative people. StudioRav became a webdesign company people wanted to work with.

More like a family than a business

As time has gone by StudioRav has worked with a lot of different businesses. We now have clients who have been with us for years and years, who trust us and rely on us. One of the reasons for our great retention rate and growth is that we treats clients more like friends than customers.

Of course we’re always professional, but the people we work with aren’t always technically minded. Our clients are mostly excellent business people, but they haven’t got the time or inclination to read up everything about website design. That’s why they expect us to tell it to them straight. They call us if they need some advice or want to discuss a new idea. They bounce ideas off us, they tell us secrets about their business.

In addition to that we have come across a great number of freelancers, designers, developers and more. Although StudioRav is at its core a small design agency, we have a great network of people who work around us. From photographers and writers and telemarketers, to serial entrepreneurs, coaches and coders we’ve worked with loads.

And that’s another reason for our success – loyalty and the desire to build long-term relationships with others who have strong work ethics like us. The people we work with love what they do. They want to write, to design graphics and logos, and take photographs. They work for themselves and understand business, and in turn we offer a competitive range of services to companies who want to work with professionals.

An exciting future

So much is going on in the world today, with Covid-19 & lockdown, but things never stop. You have to get out there, you have to keep innovating and trying new things. Of course not everything works, but you learn from your mistakes and you try harder next time. At StudioRav we continue to work in exciting new areas, from cryptocurrency to online finance.

Our client base has considerably expanded and we’re constantly looking at ways to become more competitive and efficient. Our aim hasn’t changed however. We still want to help as many businesses get online and get better with their online marketing. We want to meet more amazing entrepreneurs and company owners, and we will surely keep enjoying it no matter what.

Ravi Kaul
Founder & Lead Developer, StudioRav.co.uk

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