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Custom Apps & Plugins

Custom developed web and mobile apps or plugins can greatly improve your company performance and connectivity.
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Custom Solutions

Systems Made Just For You


App Design

Build fully bespoke apps for your business completely from scratch using latest tech.


Code Management

We can ensure all code is kept up to date and managed online via GIT or other repos.


Module Development

Using regular sprints and updates we can steadily improve your app over time.



Let us handle all the technical lifting so you can concentrate on sharing your app.

Why Choose Apps

Build What You Want To Help You Succeed

If you believe certain functionality or tech can give your team the edge then we can help it become a reality. Using the latest code techniques and frameworks we can help you put together fast, modular code which can be steadily updated and evolve as your business does.

Do More With Us

Create The Tools To Stand Out

Whether it’s a tool to help your sales or production processes, or a plugin to make life easier for your customers, we can help you create tools which work. By having the right tools available to your company you can expect superior performance compared to your competitors.

Why You Should Seriously Look at Custom Apps and Plugins For Your Business

Improved Performance

Save time by automating common tasks, or use online technology to streamline processes.

Make Customers Happy

If you make it easy then you’re almost there. Give customers easy integration to your systems.

Invest in Tech

As more business moves online the ability to create powerful apps is now a definite reality.

Build Virtually Anything You Can Think Of

If you’re looking for a partner who can really help you and your business grow – we’re the right people to choose.

Productivity Apps

Improve your teams performance by automating common tasks.


Connect to your or 3rd party APIs with ease.

Data Manipulation

Control and manage data for different user types.

Modules & Extensions

Advanced plugins you can sell or offer for free.

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Plugin & App FAQs

Starting a custom app or plugin project can be a big task. Luckily we have the experience and resources to help you.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a set of code which can be installed onto a website or platform to extend its functionality. Examples include custom payment gateways, live chat, security tools, and SEO tools. A plugin is usually developed to be installed on multiple websites.

How are plugins made?

Most plugins for websites will be coded in PHP and Javascript, however they can incorporate other languages. Plugin design often includes an admin panel, sometimes front end views, and then a connection to a 3rd party service.

How much does a plugin cost to build?

Plugin costs will depend on features but prices typically start from £5,000. In addition to this you would need to budget for ongoing support and maintenance.

What is an app?

Apps (web apps or mobile apps) are standalone applications which are separate to a website. Apps can be platforms in their own right and can offer completely customised features. Mobile apps will usually come in 2 versions – iOS and Android.

Why would I build an app?

If your company needs a custom solution for your staff or customers then an app could be ideal for you. We can handle everything from onboarding, verifying, automating and processsing data.

How much does an app cost to build?

App development will usually cost from £15,000 depending on complexity. You should also factor in ongoing maintenance and management costs.

How are apps coded?

Web apps can be built using Node.JS and frameworks such as React or Angular. Mobile apps can be built using React Native or Flutter. As new technologies emerge we look to develop our skills in them and provide access to new toolkits.

How long does an app or plugin take to create?

Plugins and apps can both take many months to create. The exact project timeline depends on how many key milestones there are, and functionality.