Privacy Policy

Ok let’s keep this as simple and clear as possible: StudioRav never sell or share your personal information to any third party whatsoever! Your personal information is always considered of paramount importance to StudioRav. If you ever have any problem please call directly to discuss the matter in detail.

Who we are

StudioRav is a webdesign company based in Dudley and as such deal with a variety of data including customer information, lead generation and visitor tracking.

How we store your data

We store and use data in the following ways:

  • This website is built on WordPress and we use a contact form with a built in database to store any entries.
  • We use caching software to store data locally on your computer to help it load quickly.
  • We use Google Analytics to track visitors – you can view their privacy policy here.
  • We use Drift live chat feature for communication – you can view their privacy policy here.
  • We use Mailchimp to store some user data for marketing purposes – you can view their privacy policy here.
  • We use Hubspot to provide CRM services – you can view their privacy policy here.

How we use your data

Our staff can review your data in the following ways:

  • To see how many visitors we are getting and other stats about the website
  • To check how our marketing and promotions are doing
  • Send you offers and deals about any services we have
  • Passing data to our partners about services you may have enquired about – only with your consent
  • To better understand our customer demographic and put case studies together
  • Customer information stored locally

Access to your data

If you want access to the data we hold please send us an email via our contact form or call us.

Request to remove your data

Simply call or email us as normal with a request to remove all of your data.

Any concerns or issues

Please contact us first if you have any privacy concerns or issues. We take your privacy seriously.

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