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Building your website is only half of the story – website management means being pro-active with updating content, adding new features and troubleshooting. We work with a range of partners in various industries to help keep them one step ahead.

If you run or work for a busy company or team then chances are you need a dedicated partner to keep your website up to date. Many clients spend a lot of time and effort in building their websites, but they fail to think about website management.

Luckily, at StudioRav we are experts in website management and we have successfully managed countless websites and online projects over the years.

Our aim is to give you a no-nonsense, reliable service which includes updating content, adding new features, and troubleshooting. With our highly dedicated support team we will ensure you never have to worry about managing your website again.

Website Management
Website Management

Do I need website management?

Unless you have a dedicated IT or marketing department then chances are you will need website management. Even if you have dedicated inhouse teams then allowing us to manage your website provides significant benefits.

Keeping your website up to date and fresh is not only good for SEO, but ensures your ‘shop window to the world’ is relevant and accurate. Whether it’s adding new case studies, or articles, or products, keeping your website updated is essential in todays online world.

Most clients who never considered website management before find a large increase in customer engagement when they start working with us. Whether you represent a small or large company we can definitely help you.

What kinds of website management are there?

For basic static websites we can ensure your images and wording are up to date. If you want us to be more pro-active we can add regular content such as blogs or case studies to your site.

For ecommerce websites we can keep products up to date including descriptions, prices and offers. We can also provide support for social media, online messaging, live chat and email.

By actively having your website managed you can ensure a professional and reliable partner will take care of your website for months and years to come.

Website Management

How does website management work?

Our basic package includes website hosting, maintenance and basic content updates. This is mostly driven by the client and requires them to send us information on a regular basis.

For more active management we can write blogs and articles for you, do additional research each month, and even build in new features on an ongoing basis.

Our aim is always to bring the value of having a dedicated team, with the cost and flexibility of a remote partner.

Website management FAQs

What does it include?

Our website management packages will include whatever you want. Some clients require a more hands-on approach, whereas others request our help now and then. Ultimately you are the driver and we can be very flexible in how we work together.

What does it Not include?

Our packages can be customised to suit you so it really depends on what we offer. If you need a more scaled back service that’s absoluetly fine with us and we can remain in the background as a backup to your own team if need be.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes we do – either to your internal customers (sales team, operations, merchants) or to external customers (your clients, third party dev teams).

How much does website management cost?

Our costs depend on the exact service you require from us but our clients typically pay from £200 a month. Overall cost is based on number of services you need, frequency of our involvement, whether it’ss ecommerce or not, and who else we are working with.

Do you provide an account manager?

Yes, you will get your own UK based account manager who will be on hand to assist with any queries or issues youu may have.


We’re ready and waiting to work with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We’re so happy you’ve decided to work with StudioRav!

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