Terms and Conditions

The StudioRav terms and conditions outline the basic responsibilities for completion of a webdesign project but also cover other services and work done by us. For the purposes of the terms and conditions ‘webdesigner’ and ‘we’ refers to StudioRav, and ‘client’ and ‘you’ refers to the person or organisation requesting the work. The terms and conditions listed here can change at any time.

StudioRav is part of ‘Studio Rav Ltd’ registered business address 6th Floor, Amp House, Dingwall Road, Croydon, CR0 2LX. Company registration number is 12044330. Our correspondence address is Castlemill, Burnt Tree, Dudley, DY4 7UF.

Client responsibilities

Unless otherwise stated it is always the clients responsibility to provide images, graphics, media including attachments and documents, video including links, fonts, text including copy, price lists and any other documents or files which are required to complete the website. These must be provided in a timely manner to prevent delay of the website and where applicable we are authorised to request advance payment.

Our responsibilities

It it the responsibility of the webdesigner to store your demo website in a secure manner until the site is ready to go live. This includes making sure plugins and files are kept up to date before going live. The webdesigner will also make sure the design follows your site specifications based on agreed themes, wireframes and revisions.

Demo sites

At the discretion of the webdesigner a demo site can be set up on our web servers for the purpose of showcasing the project or as a testing ground. At this point the work is always the copyright of the webdesigner. Project files are only moved to the clients webserver at the discretion of the webdesigner and when mutually agreed between both parties.


Copyright of the website always rests with the webdesigner until completion of the project. This can be signified by the final payment or the acknowledgement by the webdesigner that copyright rests with the client.

Web hosting

Website hosting is provided using the available resources at the time of the project. Exact hosting specifications are based on the webdesigners experience and knowledge of the project and available resources. There are no regular backups provided unless explicitly stated with the client. It is the clients responsibility to arrange their own website and email backups irregardless of who is hosting the site and emails.


Revisions on each project are at the discretion of the webdesigner unless specifically agreed with the client. In general each project usually requires about 3 revisions before going live. Each revision requires signoff by the client. Additional website updates which are not agreed with the webdesigner are chargeable at the discretion of the webdesigner.


We agree to respond to enquiries with 72 hours of contact wherever possible. This response can be via any means available including but not limited to email, phone, sms, WhatsApp, Skype. Contact to existing client queries and requests is also dealt with in the same way. On occasion the webdesigners response time to enquiries may exceed 72 hours.


Website maintenance and troubleshooting is provided at the discretion of the webdesigner. Websites hosted by us will be monitored for any errors and problems. In the event of problems with your website we will actively support you to get you back online in a sensible manner according to the resources available at the time. For websites not hosted by us any additional maintenance work will be chargeable depending on what is agreed. We will allocate resources as available to your project. Websites hosted by clients themselves are the clients responsibility to be kept up to date and secure.

Website links

All websites we set up for you will bear a link to this website eg. ‘Website design by StudioRav.co.uk’ in the footer. Unless explicitly stated otherwise we will always add this backlink to websites we set up for marketing purposes. This is no way affects your copyright. If you do not want this on the website you will need to make it clear during the design process.


We accept payment via cash, cheque, bank transfer or direct debit. Whenever required we will provide an invoice to confirm payment received. Direct debits can be set up via your own bank as a standing order or by us using GoCardless. We may also use GoCardless to take one off payments where possible. All payments are agreed with the client beforehand and any issues are dealt with on a case by case basis.

The terms and conditions on this page are subject to change without prior notice.

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