Do You Want More Website Leads?

Are you a business owner or manager who is trying to generate more leads via your website? Maybe you’re thinking of SEO/PPC? Or maybe you want to update your existing site but you just don’t have the time or in-house resources.

Try StudioRav FastRank: our package designed just for you!

Lead Generation Made Easy

What is StudioRav FastRank?

We developed FastRank as an alternative to SEO and PPC where users want to rank for their target keywords quickly and in a cost-effective way.

By creating multiple landing pages for your particular niche or keyword you have a chance of getting more impressions and clicks to your website.

Thinking about SEO or PPC
Step One

Professionally Designed Page

When you place your order our in-house designers will create a bespoke landing page just for you. We will take care of all of the content including images, graphics and wording. All you need to do is tell us your target keyword.

Step Two

Creating Multiple Geographic Areas

Once your page is signed off we will build multiple copies for the different locations and areas you want to target. We will make sure the page is fully optimised and looks great on any device.

Step Three

Help Get Your Pages Indexed

The final step is to make sure your pages are added to your sitemap and submitted to Google Search Console for quicker indexing. Once they are indexed you will start to see more impressions and more leads generated over time.

Easy WordPress Lead Generation

Multiple Landing Page Packages

If you have a WordPress website and you want help improving rankings then try our range of packages below. Remember we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


A great way to get more landing pages added to your website quickly and cost-effectively.

£499 + VAT

Less than £25 per page


FastRank Plus

Target more geographic areas and significantly grow your website page count.


Less than £16 per page

FastRank Pro

For a total nationwide solution get a large number of pages created for your target keywords.

£999 + VAT

Less than £10 per page

Frequently Asked Questions

Got A Question?

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions but should you have more please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is this better than SEO or PPC?

We would never say it is better, but it is another option for you if you want to get more leads. You should still follow best practices and make sure your SEO is good.

How many more leads will I get?

By adding lots of landing pages you can get more impressions quickly and therefore more page clicks. However, exact results depend on your locations and your industry. If you are in a very competitive industry then of course it will be harder to get results and you should be more patient.

How long before I see results?

Once the webpages get indexed you will start to see an improvement in impressions. We will help submit your website to Google Search Console to help get pages indexed but please be aware this depends on how quickly Google checks your pages.

Who is FastRank for?

Our service is specifically for companies who have WordPress websites and want to try another method of getting more rankings for lead generation.

I have an ecommerce site, can you help?

Yes, as long as you know what keyword you want to target we can help set up your bespoke landing pages. Please note the landing pages we create will be separate to your store and will not show up as products or categories.

Do I have to make pages based on location?

No you don’t! Although geographic location is the most popular method we can actually create landing pages based on services, packages or other keywords. To discuss more please contact us.

Can you build a site from scratch?

Absolutely. If you want to refresh your website, or if you want a new site for your project let us know and we can quote you.

I'm concerned about duplicate content

If you really are worried about duplicate content then you can still make the landing pages but you can start to customise them after they are built.

Do I need WordPress?

Yes our service is just for WordPress.

Is FastRank right for me?

Our service is designed for companies who want to create lots of pages quickly for their websites. We can’t guarantee how many leads you will get, but based on our experience this will certainly help and complement your other SEO strategies.

What is a landing page template?

We will design a landing page template which is cloned for your chosen areas. For our Plus and Pro package we offer multiple landing page designs for different keywords or services.

What if I'm not happy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied. The 30-day count starts from when your webpages are built so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you’re not happy with anything just talk to us – we’re a really friendly team.

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