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Green Fingers

The brief

Refresh to an existing ecommerce store selling over 1000+ products

The client had an online shop which needed a refresh. They wanted to remove some outdated items, and move the website over to Woocommerce due to its more stable environment.

They also needed help with basic onsite SEO and making sure the website was mobile responsive.

Green Fingers

What We Did

Giving the website a new lease of life and ensuring a range of content and media

Our approach was simple and direct. We ported over 1000+ products from the old site to the new one. We made sure things like categories, tags, images and content was all correct.

We then fixed the home page and other inner pages to ensure they were fully responsive. Some of the pages in particular had a large number of videos and PDFs but we were more than comfortable working with different media.

After various rounds of testing we set up the payment gateways and connected the site to Google Search Console.