The brief

A new website for a trade directory covering the Birmingham and West Midlands regions

When the Quickfind team got in touch with us they had a WordPress website with a bespoke PHP-based backend. They had encountered various issues with speed, functionality and security so needed our help to improve these things.

In addition to this they needed advice on improving search engine rankings, giving a better user experience to visitors, and moving away from their paper-based directories.

What We Did

A faster, more modern, and consistently updated new website

The first thing we did was to look at the design of the existing website. We immediately set about improving this and making it look more modern. We worked very closely with the team to build different parts of the site just how they wanted it.

In addition to this we helped improve website loading speeds, add new features such as email marketing, and assist with SEO.

The client now has a faster, more stable platform which they can use as a base to further improve their offering to their visitors and partners.