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7 must have online tools for better workflow

Making Your Business More Efficient

In today’s fast-paced digital age, where efficiency is paramount, harnessing the right online tools to enhance workflow and productivity is essential.

The evolving work landscape, characterised by remote work and collaborative projects, demands the leverage of technology for success.

This blog post introduces 7 carefully selected online tools capable of improving work processes, whether you’re a designer, project manager, or anyone seeking streamlined digital productivity.

From Figma’s design and mock-up features to Loom’s seamless video communication, Trello’s project tracking, and Asana’s project management, WeTransfer file sharing, Canva’s graphic design, and Calendly’s scheduling ease; these tools promise to optimise your day and redefine your workflow.

1. Figma

Figma is is a flexible design tool that enables users to produce beautiful designs, clean mockups, and user-friendly interfaces. 

In a world where remote work and team collaboration are the norm, Figma excels by enabling real-time, simultaneous editing, eliminating the traditional bottlenecks of version control and tedious email exchanges.

This functionality enhances efficiency and speeds up design projects.

Figma also boasts a rich library of design assets, from icons to UI components, accelerating the creative process.

Moreover, its prototyping capabilities facilitate user testing and feedback integration.

We find Figma to be a brilliant tool, especially for wireframing, mock-ups and website design.

It’s way easier to use than Photoshop and you can quickly and easily transition between making a design for desktops to mobile or tablet.


If you are often doing screensharing and want to send information about your screen or programs to someone, then Loom is indispensible.

With Loom, the communication process is elevated to a new level as users can record themselves, their screens, or both, allowing for more comprehensive and engaging interactions.

What truly distinguishes Loom is its ability to enhance communication by incorporating tone, body language, and visual aids, making messages more impactful and reducing misunderstandings.

This fosters a deeper connection between colleagues, teams, and clients and saves valuable time by providing concise, clear, and personalised explanations.

Loom is a boon for remote teams, educators, customer support professionals, and anyone seeking to effectively communicate complex ideas, instructions, or feedback.

We encourage our clients to use Loom as it helps to send information to us really quickly, and it’s way more effective than a voice note or text message.


What we love about Trello is that it offers a visual and intuitive interface that mimics the simplicity of a physical whiteboard and sticky notes.

Creating a Trello board is a straightforward process where users define their project, establish columns (or lists) to categorise tasks, and add individual cards representing specific work items.

Each card can contain essential details like due dates, attachments, comments, and assigned team members, enabling users to organise and monitor tasks meticulously.

Trello’s versatility and customisation further enhance its effectiveness, as users can adapt boards to suit their unique workflows.

Trello is invaluable for diverse scenarios, from marketing campaign management and software development sprints to event planning and everyday task organisation.

Its transparent, collaborative, and real-time nature fosters seamless teamwork, and its accessibility makes it equally valuable for remote teams.

We use Trello to track support requests and even help with ensuring projects are managed and organised effectively.


Asana is a flexible and effective project management application that has completely changed how teams collaborate, plan, and carry out projects.

Its benefits are multifaceted, starting with its ability to bring order to complex workflows, offering a structured and organised framework that ensures tasks are efficiently managed and completed.

Asana excels in task assignment, enabling users to designate responsibilities, set due dates, and establish dependencies, enhancing team accountability and clarity.

Progress tracking becomes intuitive, with multiple views and real-time updates that keep everyone informed and aligned with project objectives.

We find Asana really simple and clear to use, and it has helped us manage multiple projects.


If you want to send someone pictures, video or any other large files, then rather than emailing them (which is a terrible idea) we recommend you use WeTransfer.

The advantages over conventional email attachments is obvious.

WeTransfer eliminates the cumbersome need to compress or split files while offering generous file size limits of up to 2GB with a free account and 20GB with a paid subscription.

Beyond convenience, WeTransfer strongly emphasises security, encrypting files during the transfer and providing options for password protection and file expiration.

This ensures that sensitive and valuable content remains confidential and protected throughout the sharing process.

For us WeTransfer is an invaluable tool which makes it really easy to share files without clogging up your email.


Canva has emerged as a user-friendly alternative to the industry behemoths, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Unlike the steep learning curve associated with Adobe’s offerings, Canva’s intuitive platform opens the door to a world of design possibilities.

The platform boasts a huge library of design assets, including templates, images, fonts, and graphics.

These resources empower users to craft visually stunning content, from social media graphics and marketing materials to presentations and educational resources, without needing to be a design expert.

A number of our clients have benefited from Canva’s super flexible and intuitive design features, which mean you can make high quality graphics really quickly.


Calendly is a game-changer in simplifying the often convoluted task of scheduling meetings and appointments.

This tool empowers users by allowing them to share their availability with others, eliminating the back-and-forth email exchanges and time zone calculations that often accompany scheduling.

With Calendly, users can set their availability preferences, define meeting types and durations, and then share a personalised booking link with colleagues, clients, or anyone needing to schedule time.

This link provides real-time access to your calendar, displaying the available time slots for the specified meeting types enabling others to select a time that suits them.

Calendly’s integration with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud is a key feature, ensuring that your scheduled appointments seamlessly sync with your existing calendar, avoiding double bookings and schedule conflicts.

Additionally, its integration with email platforms facilitates easy sharing and scheduling through email invitations.

If you want to add a simple booking feature to your website, then Calendly could be a really useful addition to your workflow.

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With our help we can help make you more efficient and dynamic.

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