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How a WordPress web developer can add value to your business

If you want to leverage the full potential of your website then working with a WordPress web developer could be exactly what you need.

According to a study, WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet.

With their exceptional creative skills and industry insights, a WordPress web developer can supercharge your online presence and help your business meet its desired goals.

The role of a WordPress web developer

A professional WordPress web developer plays a vital role in improving and updating your WordPress website whilst adding value to your business.

WordPress developers will typically help with the following:

  • Updating plugins, themes and WordPress core
  • Add new features and functionality
  • Help troubleshoot coding or database issues
  • Set up a staging environment for testing
  • Assist with new content or products
  • Updating pages and posts
  • Setting up Google Analytics or third party scripts

Ways a WordPress web developer can add value to your business

Customise your site

Despite being simple and affordable, DIY WordPress has some drawbacks such as being unable to get your website to look exactly how you want it.

There are several themes and page builders available for WordPress these days, but without appropriate knowledge they can be hard to use and have steep learning curves.

A WordPress web developer has the knowledge you need to create a website that is completely customised for your company.

This type of expert can create themes, plugins and integrations for your WordPress website.

WordPress developers can also provide a level of customisation you won’t be able to replicate, because they have a thorough understanding of WordPress and the coding languages required to work within the platform.

At StudioRav we have thousands of hours of experience of working with WordPress from a technical, marketing and UI/UX perspective.

Offers technical support

A WordPress web developer offers technical support to clients, which typically involves assisting clients with any technical issues they may encounter with their WordPress websites.

Examples of these issues can be:

  • Problems with PHP or MySQL
  • Server 500 errors
  • Errors with wp-config.php or .htaccess
  • Plugin or theme conflicts
  • Website getting hacked

As a professional they can identify and resolve technical issues and investigate and fixes any errors that might occur within the WordPress website.

By assisting clients in configuring, installing, and troubleshooting plugins or themes, a good WordPress dev can guide you on best practices for securing WordPress and other security-related concerns.

Improved understanding of users

As a WordPress web developer gains experience and works closely with users, they can develop a better understanding of their needs and preferences.

This understanding allows them to develop websites that create better user experiences and align well with the expectations of visitors online.

They can conduct user research to gather deep insights into their behaviour with the help of surveys and interviews to achieve a better understanding of the users’ needs and expectations.

Additionally, they can utilise tools such as WordPress plugins or Hotjar to accumulate data on user behaviour such as bounce rates, click-through rates, etc.

The analysis offered can provide valuable insights into how users interact and help identify areas for improvement.

Understands web analytics

A good WordPress web developer collects, analyses, and interprets data about the behaviour of websites.

By gaining proficiency in web analytics, the developer can make data-driven decisions to optimise website performance and achieve key business targets.

Using plugins such as Google Site Kit, your web developer can ensure a high level of integration with tracking scripts to get the right data you need.

Safeguards data and maintains confidentiality

Your data should not fall into the wrong hands because it is crucial.

Confidentiality is ensured if you engage a WordPress web developer because they will take precautions to protect your data.

Security and data protection is often overlooked and so you need to work with a developer who can guide you on this and ensure it remains a key part of your online working.

Use StudioRav as your dedicated WordPress web developer

As a WordPress web developer we can easily create and maintain your website using their specialised knowledge and expertise in WordPress, saving you time and effort.

We can also assist you in developing a distinctive and visually appealing website that represents your business and successfully reaches your target audience.

Consult with us to hire a WordPress developer who will make sure that your website is safe, SEO and mobile optimised, and simple for your visitors.