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Need help with your finance integrations?

If you work with a finance provider and need to integrate their services with your website then we can assist you.

At StudioRav we have years of experience in providing technical support to our finance partners and their retailers.

With our clear, no fuss approach we can help any client or retailer large or small.

Finance companies offer a variety of finance integration solutions such as plugins, modules or API integrations.

We have worked with them all and understand the various complexities in finance integrations with your CMS or eCommerce platform.

Over the years we have built up a solid understanding of how finance integrations work and the common problems you will find in connecting third party systems with your own website.

The key issues to consider are usually:

  • How easy is it to customise your existing platform (for example WordPress is easy to customise, BigCommerce less so)
  • What kind of integration do you want? (iFrame calculator or API)
  • How bespoke is it (do you need extra fields based on your business process)
  • Callback requests, updating status of orders and redirections

Integrating finance modules on to your website or platforms can make it significantly easier for your users to offer finance to end customers.

Custom retail finance modules

If you are looking for bespoke retail finance modules then we also offer tailored services for you.

Companies like imegamedia provide integrations for a number of finance lenders and we also provide custom retail finance modules.

We firstly aim to understand your workflow and user journey.

For many of our partners the end users who will be accessing their platforms are busy salespeople or those with less technical experience.

Therefore we always aim to create simple finance integrations which anyone can use.

As well as this we also look at solutions which fit in with your overall business processes such as connecting to your CRM or database.

We are happy to work with you and your in-house teams to create a finance solution which will increase the number of loans your business provides and boost your earning potential.

With our methodical style we can deliver from the initial scope to final deployment within weeks.

On going finance integration support and maintenance

Whether you have a finance integration solution by us or someone else we are happy to provide ongoing technical support.

We understand that businesses require easy to access technical support whether this is from external or internal customers.

In many cases your sales teams, managers and marketing departments can benefit greatly from having tech support from someone who is easy to understand and clear.

We can also act as a buffer to your main dev team, allowing them to concentrate on their own priorities without being diverted to firefighting tasks.

As a fully UK based group StudioRav aim to provide support which is pragmatic, accessible and friendly.

For any coding work, we can deliver ongoing maintenance to keep it updated in line with your business.

As APIs change, new features come into place and better integration methods are designed, we can assist in keeping your websites and platforms up to date and fresh.

So whatever kind of finance integration you are looking for – from simple plugins to custom retail finance modules – please get in touch with us for a personal quote.