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Online business support with StudioRav

Are you struggling with managing your website or IT functions in your business? Do you need someone to take away the headache but you can’t spend on a full time employee? Let StudioRav support you…

IT support for your business

If you are not a computer literate person then StudioRav can help you with a variety of IT related functions in your office. We can provide a range of IT services meaning you don’t need to hire a full time employee and thereby save some money.

We can assist with things such as – setting up your email, setting up signatures, advice on getting the right computer equipment and getting the right software for your business.

Website maintenance

At StudioRav we can help ensure your website is fully maintained whether it’s WordPress or a different CMS.

Keeping your website plugins and themes up to date are very important not only for security but also to ensure you have access to the latest features.

Our website maintenance support also extends to your server, email and domain functions as and when required.

Website management

Whereas website maintenance ensures your plugin architecture and code is up to date – website management is more concerned with the content. As your business changes and grows we can help you keep it updated with your latest news and products.

Keeping your website regularly updated is thought to help with SEO and it also ensures you educate your customers about latest developments.

Online marketing

If you are thinking of using Google or Facebook Ads or social media to get more visitors to your website then we can help you from the initial set up phase to ongoing work.

Online marketing can include many smaller tasks such as making graphics, email marketing, writing content and updating feeds – all of which we can help you with.

Business support and advice

At StudioRav we have lots of experience of working with a range of companies from startups to large organisations.

Whatever stage of business your company is at, we are always committed to giving impartial, honest advice and helping you make the right decisions.

We also have experience of working with companies in different industries from food, retail, finance, industrial and more.

When you work with StudioRav we will always give you advice based on our years of experience and put you in touch with our growing network of clients and contacts.

Dedicated support staff

If you need a dedicated support person to refer to we can assist you with finding the right person for your business.

We believe that by building good relations and promoting an open and healthy environment it will promote better communication in your company, and therefore better results.

How we can support you

  • We can offer you flexible pricing
  • Ongoing monthly support with contracts to suit you
  • Your very own account manager
  • Review your business processes and offers ideas on improving them
  • Free, impartial advice and support