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The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is very common today and if you’ve ever done any shopping online then chances are you’ll have signed up to a company mailing list. It’s a very powerful tool which many smaller businesses overlook or don’t do correctly so we thought we’d explain a little more about it.

It’s the modern version of flyering

At the most basic level email marketing is similar to posting flyers out. The main difference is you’re sending them out to people who are actually in your mailing list (and hopefully have signed up to it) rather than just blanketing a local area. You still won’t get 100% response rates but the aim is to get a percentage of those people to respond.

It’s very cheap

Many companies don’t realise that you can start sending emails for free using tools such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. The trial versions are typically available for smaller lists and once you get over a certain number of subscribers the costs go up. However, at StudioRav we know how to set up your email marketing platform in the most cost effective way.

It’s fast

Unlike flyering, email marketing is almost instant. You could write up an email now and within seconds it can be sent out to thousands of your subscribers. No more waiting for a middle man to deliver it – you can see instant reports on delivery, open rates, and clicks.

You only need to create one email

As mentioned above – just write your email once and it can be sent to your entire list. You can even customise your emails to show your recipients name or company name so it looks more personable.

You can do some fancy stuff

If you want to go a step further how about segmenting lists based on user activity or whether they’ve opened other emails in your campaign. You can send out auto-responders every week and even automate certain processes so you’re always keeping in touch with your recipients.

Why you should take email marketing seriously

If you think email marketing isn’t for your business, or it doesn’t work, then chances are you just didn’t do it right. Email marketing is a great way of keeping in touch with your customers, sending out promotional offers, attracting interest and generally keeping your business in the minds of your clients.

To start your next email marketing campaign get in touch with us at StudioRav and we can help save you the time and money in doing it right!