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Why you should choose value instead of price

We recently wrote about how we saved one of our clients over a £1000 a year by switching over to us because our pricing is so competitive. However we had a conversation with another client about how trying to save pennies can sometimes lead you to losing pounds in the longer run. It’s quite normal for any business to want to reduce costs as much as possible – we do it too.

But ultimately you get what you pay for and although you might think you’re getting the same level of service, when it doesn’t happen you can’t really blame anyone but yourself.

At StudioRav we have come to believe in something very important – choose value over price.

Instead of trying to concentrate on lowering costs you should be thinking about how to increase value in your business – not only for yourself, but also to your customers.

Here are a few real world examples:

The cheap as chips customer

This customer wants to get as much as possible for as cheap as possible. To them, getting something done for as cheap as they can is a mark of success. But as we’ve already said, you get what you pay for, and frankly this type of customer ends up alienating their provider. If you really want to succeed in a project then it’s more than just building a website, the real work begins once it’s live, and you need to know your developer is on your side when this happens.

We believe it’s a two way relationship and we look to work with clients who extend the same courtesy, respect and determination in projects as we do.

Chooses Pricing Choose Values
  • Saves a few hundred pounds
  • Finds a designer they can’t trust
  • You get what you pay for
  • Hours wasted on tech support
  • Tries to DIY
  • Saves a lot more time
  • Finds a designer they trust
  • Gets advice from someone in the industry
  • Quick phone call saves hassle
  • Lets the professional do it

The doesn’t actually know customer

Many customers will go to the big brands and expect they are big because of fantastic service and quality of product. In our experience this isn’t always the case and that’s why many smaller providers offer a more tailored service which is what you need when working on bespoke projects. Spending hours to tech support is not anyone’s idea of fun and this is why you’re better off letting a professional do your job.

We believe in explaining to our clients what they are getting and how they can save money.

Chooses Pricing Choose Values
  • Goes for the big brand names eg. GoDaddy, 1&1 etc.
  • Gets terrible service
  • Has to pay for minor service upgrades
  • Ends up spending more in the long run
  • They always try to upsell you things you don’t need
  • Gets a more personal, tailored service
  • Developer goes the extra mile
  • Not charged for minor upgrades
  • Ends up saving more in the long run
  • Tries to save you money

The doesn’t have time customer

This customer is busy and wants a hundred and one things doing but just doesn’t have the time to manage everything. It’s all very well being busy and hardworking but sometimes you can end up being a busy-fool chasing your own tail. This customer would typically end up working with the first cheap provider they find, but if you take the time to look for someone who shares your values and outlook on the project it can make life a whole lot easier.

We believe in building relationships with like-minded people who want to introduce simplicity and automation in their businesses so they can concentrate on the more important things.

Chooses Pricing Choose Values
  • Goes with cheapest provider they can find
  • Gets a poor level of service
  • Ends up wasting more time finding other providers
  • Finds a provider they can trust
  • Gets a high level of service
  • Saves time in the long run as they delegate more tasks over

So our message to you is to base your business decisions on their value, not just the financial cost. By working with StudioRav we want you to feel that you are getting a high quality of service, given the right advice on how to save money where you can, and build a long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you’re interested and would like to discuss further please call on 07807 997 010 or email info@studiorav.co.uk