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Do something that matters

At StudioRav we believe excellent websites should be available to all from small businesses and community groups to entrepreneurs and large businesses. We believe in making webdesign clear, simple and easy. We believe long term business relationships are worth more than just designing a website.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Firstly, here is an excellent video from a TED Talk which always inspires us into focusing on our message to customers. If you have 20 minutes to spare and you’re at the stage of putting your brand and business together then definitely watch it!

Why we do it?

As a business originally based in Handsworth, Birmingham we are used to working with entrepreneurs and businesses who had a big vision but maybe not a big budget. When you work on a shoe-string budget you have to be clever with your choices and smart in how you operate. This is how we have grown over the years.

Our websites help entrepreneurs and community groups find a voice. They help people who don’t have a lot of money (yet) to put together nice looking websites to sell their products or services. They help people stay in touch and have a platform to share with their customers and members in an affordable and manageable way.

We believe success and innovation is vital for our communities, helping them grow and injecting money and prosperity into our neighbourhoods. We also believe that no matter what your background, if you are a hardworking entrepreneur you can achieve success. That’s why we believe what we are doing is important. And this is what we think you should do with your business – do something that matters.

Getting your message right

When you work with StudioRav one of the first questions we ask is – what are your USPs? You would be surprised how many people have no idea. This sort of question highlights what makes you stand out from the competition and in a world where it’s so easy to shop around you have to make it easy for customers to know what you’re about.

Even more important is why? you do it. Ultimately if you can get this question right then your marketing message will much stronger. By giving your business a stronger identity it will help you stand out from the rest, develop a consistent message across your platforms, and appeal to your customers in a powerful way.

When you get in touch with us we work with you to develop the why? and better understand what your business is about. As the video above shows, it’s not what you do – it’s why you do it! And we believe that why you do it should be something important and relevant to everyone around you.