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Why we love supporting local charities

At StudioRav we love designing websites and working with local businesses because we believe it helps develop the local community. A strong economy, local people involved in business and good community relations is important. Particularly with the last point we are always keen to support local community projects and charities – that’s why we helped the guys at the Social & Education Centre in Handsworth, Birmingham.

The guys at the SE Centre have been working for years to serve the local community by providing classes, sporting activities and language support to anyone regardless of race or background. As well as being committed to their work they are also happy to work with other groups and volunteers.

For us, helping you get online is not just a job, there’s a reason we do it. These days everyone looks for information online and local community groups and businesses of any size should be able to have great looking, user friendly websites which bring their supporters together.


Your blog is a key feature of your website. Content posted on your blog can be easily shared on social media and people searching online can find those posts in future. Good content will keep people coming back to your website and helps visitors see the great work you are doing.

Social media

Social media is another great tool which has enabled many smaller groups build online communities and share information. But having your own website gives you more control as well as being a focal point for all of your activities. On your own website you can bring together different feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and whatever other platform is popular at the time.


Finally email is another great online tool which can spread news about your hard work. Having a newsletter signup on your website will keep people up to date with what’s going on via a weekly or monthly email. It’s a great way to reach out to people who won’t come to your Facebook page or website often.

So, overall we love working with community groups who help local people and also those who use technology to make life easier for the disadvantaged. If you have any ideas or thoughts then we’d love to hear from you. At StudioRav making good quality websites is more than just a job, we genuinely believe we can help real people with our work. Call us on 07807 997 010 or email info@studiorav.co.uk