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Tips on promoting your takeaway or home delivery business on social media

Many food companies are looking to do home deliveries these days and we have been asked about apps and websites.

However, in order to keep costs down it may be better (and easier) to concentrate on social media.

Here are some tips on how to start quickly:

1. Get yourself a Facebook page and set up Instagram

You can also add yourself on to other social media platforms but these are likely to be the most important currently.

2. Upload your menu

This could be in the form of a flyer or pdf, or it could be a photo of the actual menu in your shop.

If you don’t have either just write it out. Make it obvious as to what’s on offer.

3. Make it easy to order

Take orders and payment over the phone – and confirm that you can take payment by card.

Also explain your opening hours, areas you deliver to and any delivery charges.

4. Pin these instructions to the top of your page

Put your menu and ordering instructions right at the top so everyone sees them.

5. Add lovely photos of your food

You can take photos with any decent smartphone these days and you shouldn’t have to edit them much before uploading.

However bear in mind the better your photos are the more likely customers will order.

6. Post to your page and other groups everyday

Social media is all about interacting so post interesting things such as pics of you preparing your food, do a competition or prize draw, ask your customers questions, try to encourage responses.

To get more reach and attract new customers post and share on Facebook groups.

8. Ask your customers to leave reviews, post pics etc.

Ask your customers and if they like your food then they will surely tell their friends and family about you.

If you need any help on anything mentioned above or want to add anything else please get in touch.