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SME Website Design – the difference between success and failure

SME website design requires you to work with a partner who understand the benefits and restraints of being a small and medium sized business.

It is no big secret that the vast majority of small-and-medium sized enterprises do not make it in the competitive market which exists in today’s economic climate.

The challenge of combating major established businesses for clients is extremely difficult with often a giant differential in equity to overcome.

Finding and maintaining a strong client base is the be-all and end-all of surviving for your first few years and, hopefully, laying the foundation for a successful business for years to come.

However, as you probably know, this is far easier said than done.

For most businesses we are now competing on a national, even global scale.

Gone are the days that local businesses could rely upon local clients and compete only with their neighbours.

Today business for most SMEs is exclusively procured via the internet, with the value of local trade lower than it ever has been.

This can be daunting and off-putting, even for businesses that have thrived for decades before the beginning of the online era.

SMEs may not use their business for acquiring sales directly, this is particularly the case for companies which produce bespoke, very specific products, that are tailor made for each order.

SME website design done wrong

There are some common pitfalls which will have a direct influence on the success of your online marketing, such as:

  • An unprofessional looking website, filled with errors
  • Lack of coherent brand identity and design
  • Not taking account of your competitors, and reacting accordingly
  • Missing key features which todays customer demand and expect

What you want from your website

  • An optimised sales funnel, ensuring potential customers are correctly informed prior to initial contact
  • Highlight new operations, products and services which are available and advertise these products in advance to ensure marketing campaigns hit the ground running
  • Cast light on the principles, values and integrity of your brand
  • Increase reputability of your brand relative to your competitors

How StudioRav can help

Our key strength is our experience, built up over many years of working with SMEs.

We can help you from an initial idea to a first draft very quickly, and our team are capable of assisting with design, coding, and marketing.

At StudioRav we have worked with SMEs across many kinds of verticals and so can bring all that knowledge to the table on your project.

Finally, we work in a friendly, relaxed way – flexible enough to cater to your working needs.

Examples of our work

Here are a few website we have worked on for SMEs:


Contact us today if you want to discuss your website design or online marketing project.