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The importance of keeping your plugins updated

One of my old clients recently contacted me to ask about his website – it wasn’t working. He was pretty irate because he had some important customers who were trying to access it and all they had was a white screen. When I took a closer look I discovered that the issue was basically an out of date plugin on his site which had created a security flaw.

CMS systems like WordPress are great because they make building a website much easier. You can do great things in a lot less time with themes available these days. However, one thing a lot of people forget is that you should keep them updated – failure to do so could cause problems in the long run.

Over the years I’ve seen websites break, get hacked, white screen of death, and show weird PHP errors simply because plugins (or even WordPress itself) were not updated. You don’t have to do it religiously but not looking at the whole site in a year isn’t good either.

Updating your WordPress website plugins is very easy

Simply login to your dashboard, go to Plugins and then you can update easily as shown in the image below:

Still need help?

Let’s be real, you might not have the time to do this yourself – or maybe you just don’t want to.

In that case we offer website management designed for people like you. Our website management plans are affordable, easy to pay and they can be cancelled at any time. We will keep everything up to date for you and ensure your plugins and other code is ticking along nicely so you don’t get caught out just when an important customer visits your site.

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PS – Oh and by the way my old client thought he could manage his website on his own. He changed his mind after this recent episode.