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Why we aren’t taking on any more clients – and why you should care

In the early days we were eager to take on as many new clients as we could. Over the years we’ve learnt the hard way that some clients are better than others. Good clients are clear about what they want, stick to a plan, and are organised and efficient with time and money. Bad clients are disorganised, unprofessional, constantly changing their minds and even worse they are wasteful with your time.

As we’ve continued to grow we’ve also come to work with companies of different sizes and people from different backgrounds. Some people want quality, work done to a good standard and continued support. Others want something cheap and cheerful, quickly made and not really built for the long-term. We’ve understood that different people have different requirements and you can’t always cater to everyone.

So we thought about our targets for the rest of 2018 and came to realise our key aim – to build partnerships and long-term relationships. Some of our best clients have worked with us for years and that’s what we want with you. At StudioRav we can definitely create a business website for you quickly and at an affordable price. However we’ve learnt that even better is to develop your business with you and work together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

So if you’re looking to just be another webdesign client then chances are you’ll find hundreds of designers and developers eager to take your money. But if you’re looking for a long-term business partner who can help and assist with your online marketing, website management and other IT-related issues then get in touch with StudioRav.