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Website auditing and SEO from StudioRav

Many businesses today look to PPC (pay per click) campaigns to help generate leads and it is a very useful way of driving traffic to your website. Whatever industry you are in, chances are your competitors somewhere will be using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to advertise their products and services. However, to get the most out of PPC campaigns you should first look at your site to ensure it is set up to be as efficient as possible in capturing leads.

Our website auditing and SEO package is designed for companies looking to start with online advertising. Here’s a brief explanation of what it includes:

On site SEO

This involves making sure your site has the right keywords to properly describe your products and services. You would be surprised how many websites just have the business name in the title. Doing a few tweaks on each of your key pages can yield results.

Website speed

Website speed is a factor in search engine rankings so by making your website load up quicker it makes sure you are not penalised. A faster loading website also provides a better user experience for your customers.

Mobile optimisation

A higher and higher percentage of users will come to your site via mobile and tablet devices. Therefore you should make sure they get a high quality user experience when they visit your website. Mobile optimisation ensures everything is in the right place and mobile users don’t switch off because your site is too hard to use.

Indexing and sitemaps

Making sure your site is properly indexed with Google Search Console and your business is properly represented on Google My Business can help you appear in more search results.

Landing pages

If you are serious about advertising online then you want people to click on an ad and land on a page which is fully relevant to their search. A custom landing page can be created which is focused on an ad campaign and include key elements like a call to action, data capture form and the right tracking codes in place.

If you are interested in learning more about this service please contact us or call us on 07807 997 010.