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Is email marketing necessary for your business?

Email marketing is a form of digital advertisement now synonymous with many popular brands such as JD, PureGym, Argos and many more.

Studies show it is still on the rise with 37% of brands increasing their email marketing budgets for 2022!

Why is it that so many major companies invest in regular email correspondence with their customers and is it necessary for your business?

Well, the obvious benefit of email marketing is to directly inform your customers of new services, products, discounts and other business changes that are important to communicate within a short period of time.

Informing customers of a new offer can be the difference between a marketing campaign being a success or not.

It is also clearly far more direct than simply publishing to a website and more convenient than most other methods of customer communication.

Main benefits

  • Fast correspondence with your client base, at your convenience

  • Relatively cheap compared to other forms of online marketing

  • Mobile-friendly to target potential customers on the move

  • Consumer analytics to shine a light on your user habits

Do SMEs need Email marketing?

You may think email marketing is only reserved for really large high-street brands and well known franchises.

However it cannot be overstated that email marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can be implemented by businesses of all sizes.

Whether your client base is in the 10’s or 1000’s it is important to build and maintain a direct and frequent line of communication with your customers.

This will remind your customers why they value you as a business and can give you a unique opportunity to market them across a variety of angles.

What features can help you?

Email marketing has risen to prominence for both e-commerce and static websites due to being a simple, easy-to-use marking feature which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The flexibility to increase the number of mailshots to suit your businesses needs is also an extremely attractive feature.

As well as this, with email marketing you can actively target specific groups or segments of your audience.

With some fine-tuning and even doing split A/B testing, you can get some great insights into what shifts units.

Compared to social media and SEO, email marketing is a very direct form of marketing which can often bring instant results compared to the slow burn of other methods.

Examples of how you can use email marketing in your business

  • Send out weekly emails with discounts on your products
  • Put new subscribers into a Welcome series flow and entice them to buy something
  • Segment your most active users and upsell to them
  • Reduce churn by targeting least active subscribers and get them to engage with you again
  • Good news stories about your brand to build trust and identity

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