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Don’t get knockdown by lockdown!

Times are difficult and many people have found themselves in unprecedented situations, however at StudioRav we always believe you have to innovate and work smarter to succeed.

As thousands of businesses find themselves in unchartered territory with regards to Covid we wanted to outline how working with us could actually help you and open new doors you may not have considered before.

Improve your website

Maybe in the past you didn’t really need a website.

Or you may feel that your customers didn’t find you online so a website wasn’t important.

Things are changing however.

As more people become housebound, as more people are forced to work remotely, it makes sense to have a website to serve these people.

We’ve had lots of contact with people who have recently become more inspired to work on their websites.

Whether your website needs a refresh, or you want to update it with your new offers and services now is a great time to work on it.

At StudioRav we can work entirely flexibly and remotely to help you get your business in a stronger position, rank better, and give you practical advice on how to get more leads online.

Get help with remote working

Many, many of us have to get used to working from home now whether we like it or not.

Working remotely suits some people, and others find it difficult, but the key is having the right tools to hand.

If you need help either for yourself or your staff we can support you in providing website consultancy services.

Examples of remote tools to help you and your business include:

  • Video conferencing like Skype or Zoom
  • Project managing like Trello or Slack
  • Diary management and booking with Calendly or Cliniko
  • Take payments online with Stripe or Square

You may be surprised by how many different third party apps there are out – free and paid – which offer great functionality to you and your business.

Develop a custom web app or system

If you really want to take things a step further, and want to harness the power of remote working then custom web apps could be the answer.

At StudioRav we have worked with a number of clients developing custom tools such as DMS’s (document management systems), quoting tools, and fully bespoke websites.

The advantage of a custom web app is that you can develop it to suit your company and staff.

If you need particular features in your system which your company relies we can integrate it through the API.

The possibilities really are endless with custom web apps.

We have experience of working with a range of technologies including PHP and frameworks like Laravel, and we can also work with NodeJS, React/Angular, Ruby on Rails and much more.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a potential project and lockdown-proof your business today!