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StudioRav supporting young people through Kickstart Scheme

We are in talks with colleagues at Dudley Council and Dudley Jobcentre regarding the new Government Kickstart Scheme.

It’s a great opportunity for us to take on new staff whilst also supporting young people who are in a really difficult situation due to Covid.

As lockdown affects the economy, and uncertainty continues across all areas of life, we need to keep innovating and working hard to think of new ideas.

At StudioRav we are a small team, we have worked remotely for years, and we enjoy working flexibly in patterns which suit our customers.

This may well become the blueprint for lots of office based jobs.

There are good points and bad points to this of course – but the key thing is adapting to change is really important.

We hope once the Kickstart Scheme gets going we will be able to train some new, enthusiastic young people whilst also developing our own offerings to our customers and partners.