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Are you a business on the High St?

I read this article on the BBC website about fixing our high streets and it’s never been more relevant. I wrote in the past about how local high streets are losing their magic and look drab and uninspiring. As a webdesigner I think shopkeepers should look at connecting their offline experiences with online marketing.

Here are some of my own ideas:

Use email marketing

The big stores all send out regular emails about their latest offers and deals. Smaller stores can easily do this too. Using email marketing is very low cost and you can target people who have already been customers in the past or have shown some interest in signing up to your mailing list. A good tip is to offer them something in return for signing up.

Social media

This isn’t that easy but by keeping your social media pages up to date with latest deals and news can help build brand recognition and awareness. Social media also provides another way for your customers to contact you whether it’s a comment, like or a direct message.


Apps are not as expensive as you might think and if you’re clever you can create something which will interest your target market. Younger people can be more responsive to apps which don’t necessarily push a product or service but are fun and they can share with friends.

So if you’re interested in generating more interest about your store then get in touch. It’s not that expensive and you could potentially end up with something which gets more people through your door.