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I just want a simple website designed

We get a few requests like this from time to time so we thought we’d explain how we do things so you can decide if we’re what you need.

What’s a ‘simple’ website?

To us that’s a site with no more than 5 or 6 pages. Just words and images and maybe a call to action / contact form on some pages. This sort of site is typically good as an online brochure type site.

What do we expect from you?

Nothing really. We’ll help figure out what pages we need, what to write on those pages and how to present that content. As it’s a simple site we’ll put everything together based on our experience and then present it to you.

What if I don’t like it?

That’s fine we can go back to the drawing board – but we always ask key questions about design before we start building websites anyway.

Is anything else included?

Yes. We’ll still include onsite SEO and make sure the site loads as quick as possible. We’ll also submit the XML sitemap to Google Search Console to make sure it gets indexed. If you need something specific just ask.

What’s the price and turnaround?

We can typically turn simple websites around within a week. In terms of pricing this varies and depends on a number of factors such as design and hosting. But it will be much cheaper than using a bigger agency.

I can get it done myself / by someone abroad / my cousin etc.

It’s up to you. We’re webdesigners and this is what we do everyday. We wouldn’t try building our own house or servicing our own car – we’d get the professionals to do it. We’re also fully UK based and available whenever you need us. Finally, we’re informal and friendly but we realise this is your business and we take what we do seriously. At StudioRav when you work with us we’ll always ensure you’re getting the best value.