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What is Front End and Back End Development?

Over the years of working in the web design industry, it has become clear that most individuals focus all their energy on perfecting the aesthetics of their business’s website.

Front End Development

This aspect of a website is termed ‘Front End Development’.

Front end developers ultimately design the visuals and customer experience elements of a website.

Common tools including HTML, CSS and JavaScript are utilised to create this graphical interface.

Our team at StudioRav have expertise in front end development.

We strive to create visually appealing website designs which effortlessly integrate with a company’s existing brand.

Additionally, we develop websites with quality user interface and a satisfying user experience.

This leaves website visitors with a lasting impression to ultimately convert them into customers.

Front end development typically begins with understanding the concept and purpose of your website or application.

UX/UI Designers often create mood boards and empathy maps to develop the idea until they can progress to wireframes and mockups.

After the designers have put their files together they can pass on to the developers who will then actually put everything together into a usable format for web or mobile use.

Back End Development

On the other hand, back end development refers to the server side of an online application, with emphasis on the site logic and functionality.

To put it simply, back end development is the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of a website that isn’t visible to visitors, for example:

  • Database
  • Server communications.

Deceivingly, this often leads people into believing that back end development is of less importance than front end development.

However, as in film production, the ‘behind the scenes’ work is pivotal to running an effective website.

Back end developers write code for interaction with a database, for example.

This ultimately creates a website that has:

  • A secure and fast platform – Especially crucial if an Ecommerce element is involved
  • Scalable technology – Adapts effectively to unexpected user traffic
  • Easy to use – Ensures smooth navigation through a site, processing user actions to deliver relevant information
  • Well maintained code – which can be easily developed to incorporate new features and functions

Why are both web design aspects critical to a business?

Importantly, neither back or front end development can function without the other.

This is why we believe that the discussion of BOTH with your chosen web design company is necessary.

Inevitably, this ensures the work and professionalism of your company is communicated.

At StudioRav, we are neither a front or back end developer.

We are a Full Stack Developer, specialising in both aspects.

The benefit of full stack development is:

Once we have discussed your company website’s needs, we can integrate both development aspects to create the best user experience to optimise your business.

If you are interested in creating a website, or bespoke web/mobile app for your business, contact us.