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Is SSL causing you headaches?

This week we worked on a project which required SSL to be set up via Digital Ocean.

As we discussed it with the client we realised how some people still don’t fully understand what SSL is or why you need it.

So here’s a quick overview:

  • SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’.
  • It works by creating an encrypted connection between your site and the user.
  • SSL mostly assists with encrypted data entered into your website such as passwords, forms and payment details.
  • There are different types of SSL certificate.
  • You can set up SSL certificates on your website in minutes.
  • You can get SSL for free.

Do I really need SSL on my website?


Most of us will have seen a warning that a ‘site is insecure’ or unsafe, and this is because it doesn’t have SSL setup, or it’s incorrectly configured.

In terms of SEO, Google marks websites down if they do not have SSL.

Does SSL mean my website won’t get hacked?


Just because your site has SSL doesn’t mean it is hack-proof.

There are many ways your site could be hacked such as insecure or out of date plugins.

SSL simply adds a layer of protection to what is already there, but it is not infallible.

I’m having trouble with my SSL

SSL problems are common as well as ‘insecure websites’ or problems with ‘mixed content’.

Here are some handy links which may help you:

SSL website checker – to check your website SSL installation.

SSL website content checker – for when you have mixed content errors.

Really Simple SSL – a great SSL plugin for WordPress.

WPBeginner article – Get a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website.

If you’re still having problems or just don’t know where to start, get in touch with us.