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Why a website is better than a Facebook page

Many companies these days think a Facebook page is enough to be online. At StudioRav however we believe if you take the time to invest in a proper website for your business then it will pay off in the long run. Here’s why:

A website gives you credibility

Any company which can afford it has got a website. So in other words if your business doesn’t then it gives the impression you’re too small. It’s all about perception.

You have more control over your own website

Facebook could change their terms and conditions anytime, what can you do about it? The answer is not much. Your own website however is under your control and you can show whatever you want, however you want.

Your website can look how you want it to

A Facebook page is ok but not exactly amazing design. If you get your own website designed however you can have it as sexy as you want with your logo, graphics, photography, menus and video wherever it looks best. You can even add things like custom forms, quote calculators, all kinds of extra functionality that you just don’t get on Facebook. So no excuses!

For some help on moving from a Facebook page to your very own bespoke website get in touch with us at StudioRav.