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Take credit card payments on your website easily

Recently we have added online card payment functionality to our website. If you are a client who wants to pay using card you can do so by clicking here.

If you are a business who currently don’t take card payments then doing so can be really useful because:

  • Customers can pay using their debit or credit card in their own time
  • Paying by credit card offers customers added protection
  • For some customers credit card payments are easier than other payment methods
  • You don’t have to chase customers and can save time by just sending them the payment link

There are a number of good options to take card payments such as Sumup, Square, and other card readers but doing so via your website can actually work out cheaper for you.

Our favoured online gateway is Stripe.

Using Stripe is easy and it’s very well supported with lots of documentation and features.

Although Stripe takes a few percent of your invoice amount as a fee, the convenience it offers your customers can really help your develop itself in the right way.

Examples of how can you use online payments

Any kind of business can benefit from taking payments online:

  • Let customers Pay now for one-off services such as mortgage broker fees or tradesmen doing one-off jobs
  • Take regular payments for monthly work such as coaching, exercise classes, online classes or regular consultancy
  • Sell products online such as food or physical products and take payment via card
  • Set up subscription packages for maintenance or monthly management work

If you are considering taking online payments through your website and need help on doing it the right way contact us today at StudioRav.