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Can Facebook Lead Ads work for you?

Over the last few months we have been working a lot on social media advertising.

Whether rightly or wrongly, the number of people on social media has certainly increased during lockdown.

Social media advertising is now growing rapidly as more businesses aim to gain new customers through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Social media advertising could be ideal if you:

  • Want to gain more followers or likes for your page or profile
  • Want to generate more leads for your business
  • Are looking to target people who have a particular interest
  • Need to convert followers into customers
  • Don’t want to (or can’t) rely on Google advertising

At StudioRav we have worked on a few different projects now which have incorporated different advertising strategies and we believe Facebook lead ad campaigns are a really powerful, and somewhat underused, option for many businsses.

What is a Facebook lead campaign?

A lead campaign is an advertising campaign which makes it really quick and easy to get leads.

The main feature of these ads is that by simply tapping your ad you can get user data instantly.

Therefore, there are no long forms to fill and prospects can register interest with a quick click of a button.

The quality of the data Facebook can supply you is also pretty good – phone number, email, postcode – all of these can be really useful for your ongoing marketing.

Why should I try a Facebook lead campaign?

If you want to develop your marketing strategy then building a channel to drive leads to your team can be invaluable.

Whether you’re a dentist offering Invisalign or a builder who does extensions, having a steady stream of interested people can ensure a strong pipeline of sales.

A Lead campaign is better than simply boosting your posts because it gives the user a much more definite call to action.

Rather than simply liking your posts you can capture important data which can be used in future marketing.

How can I use the data I get from leads?

One of the most powerful ways of working with leads is to add them into your favourite CRM and then build a marketing strategy around it.

One excellent example is integrating Facebook with Mailchimp, which allows you to send targeted mailshots to your leads.

Nurturing leads through constant engagement can be a powerful way of generating more sales rather than just trying singular ads which may or may not get interest.

How much does it cost for Facebook Lead Ads campaigns?

At StudioRav we offer highly competitive packages to help get you started with Facebook lead ads.

We can help set up your campaign, integrate it with your chosen CRM or Mailchimp, and manage it regularly.

We can even help with designing your creatives whether it’s a graphic or short video clip.

Your cost depends on how competitive your chosen product or service is, but we would recommend a budget of at least £20 per day to start with.

Our aim will then be to choose an ad which gets the best results with your audience and helps reduce your cost per lead.

We would recommend having the budget for a minimum of 3 months, although a 1 month trial option is also available.

How can I get started?

If you’re considering using Facebook lead ads then speak to us today and we will discuss your project in more detail.

We will go through the different marketing options available to you, and determine if lead ads are right for you.

Contact us today for your initial free consultation.