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Fast website design! Get your new website made in days!

I recently finished the Rachyal and Co company website and you may be surprised to learn it was all completed within a week. That includes buying the domain, setting up the hosting and email, designing the website and updating all the content – fast website design!

So if you want to get your business website up and running quick how do you do it?

Fast website design is easy

Firstly, it’s not that hard – the key is preparation. By taking a few steps early on you can make our job a lot easier. So I’ll try to explain what you need:

  1. Your domain name – This is what people will type in to find your website (eg. www.studiorav.co.uk). This is most often your business name but if that’s taken for whatever reason then you need to have some alternatives ready. If you own your domain name already then make sure you have your login details ready.
  2. Your hosting – You can get the website hosted yourself, or you can ask us to host it. Decide on this right from the start because if you want to host it yourself then you need to give us the logins. We’ve had many delays in the past where a client doesn’t know their own login details and held up the website going live, so be aware of that. Remember we can offer free after sales support on websites we host.
  3. Your pages – Make sure you know what pages you want on your website. You might want the usual (Home, About, Blog, Contact) or you might want certain pages specific to your industry. If you know what you want then we can set these up quickly and there won’t be any chopping and changing later on.
  4. Your content – This includes headings, text, links and basically all the words for your pages. Have this ready from the start and it will mean we can quickly add this. Take a moment to think about the keywords for each page – one keyword per page is a good start and have a minimum of 300 words for each page.
  5. Your media – This is your images, video and anything not textual. Pictures are so important because they can add colour to your pages and also give a personal touch – so please don’t just copy them from Google Images! Also please ensure any media you have is good quality, large enough for your pages and designed properly. If you haven’t got anything just let us know, we can help you purchase premium quality royalty free video and images. Remember, if you expect us to start editing your images after you send them it will take time.
  6. Your emails – You may have a contact form on your site so think about what email you want it connecting to. Quite a few businesses use a hotmail or gmail address and basically that’s just not professional. We can help set up your emails so make sure you know which and how many you need. Let us know how you’re actually going to read your emails too so we can help you set that up on your phone or laptop.
  7. Your contact details – This may sound obvious but I often deal with businesses who haven’t confirmed their phone numbers or addresses, especially if they have numerous sites. It’s a good idea to have a document with your contact details and emails on it for easy reference.
  8. Your social media – In this day and age nearly all companies have some sort of social media presence. So make sure you have all these links handy and let us know which you want on the website, and also how. For example we include a link to your Facebook page or your Facebook feed on the website. These days there are many innovative ways we can connect to your social media (such as a Like button to unlock special content on your website) so if you have any ideas let us know at the start.

The benefits of fast website design

The main advantage to you of fast website design is that it’s another thing off your checklist. Many business owners want a website but haven’t got the time to spend on it and keep delaying it. When you work with us you’ll be working with a team who are used to designing and setting up websites in days!

Another thing about fast website design is that you won’t spend ages analysing the tiny details of your website. The websites which often take the longest to complete are ones where the client doesn’t know what they want and keep over analysing the smallest of details.

From our experience, if time is a factor or you have a deadline then fast website design can help get your website up and running quickly. We can then work with you over the coming months to fine tune and tweak your pages based on actual customer feedback rather. Remember, all the major websites you see today didn’t start like that, they’ve evolved over time. The key here is to get something up and running quickly.

I haven’t got time

Ultimately it’s your decision if you want a website for your business but if you give us 1 hour we can get practically all the information we need (as described above) to get your website sorted. It’s easy to keep putting it off but eventually everyone has to decide whether their business is represented properly online. As a business owner can you afford to lose your online customers? A one hour meeting in person or over the phone is enough for us to whizz through the checklist above and determine what you need and help us get something set up.

How can StudioRav help with fast website design

  • We have experience of dealing with clients who want a quick turnaround
  • We can help you avoid potential pitfalls and problems associated with webdesign
  • We can set up a free website demo to get the ball rolling
  • We can get all the information we need from you in a 1 hour meeting