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Why doing something now is better than waiting for the perfect time

As entrepreneurs we are always thinking of new opportunities to make more money, grow our business and develop ourselves. But as many of you will know this often leads to procrastination and waiting for the right time.

Maybe you think you haven’t got the budget, or even worse you don’t have the time. If you are serious about your business then ultimately the best thing to do is start now and work on improving what you have from today.

At StudioRav we have worked with a range of business people and find they often share a number of characteristics:

  • They are not always the most organised people
  • But when they get an idea they run with it
  • They are open to trying different things
  • And they are not afraid to admit when they make the wrong choice
  • But they get back on the horse and carry on regardless

So if you are thinking of expanding your business then this is the mentality you need to have. Instead of putting things off for a variety of reasons, or waiting til you have more money, how about giving yourself the chance today?

StudioRav is there for people like you – hardworking, determined and calculated risk-takers. We genuinely love meeting these types of people who stand apart from the rest because of how energetic and enthusiastic they are.

If you have an idea which you want to get started then our suggestions would be:

  • Take out 15 minutes to flesh out your idea
  • Think about the smallest steps to getting it out there
  • Commit to working on these small steps on a regular basis
  • Get in touch with StudioRav to see how we can help

Remember, things will never be perfect, you will always be updating and tweaking your idea. But once you’ve started you will get more feedback on the quality of the idea and whether it will work or not. And we will be with you every step of the way.