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Speed and Secure your website with CloudFlare

Isn’t it frustrating when you spend hundreds of pounds on a website only for it to be slow? StudioRav has the solution!

Recently, we were contacted by a business owner who felt that he wasn’t getting the most from his site.

One of the key problems many website owners face these days is a slow site which doesn’t load up quick enough on mobile. We were happy to help and introduced our client to CloudFlare.

What is CloudFlare and why would you use it?

CloudFlare provides security features and a faster loading website to keep up with demands such as growing customer expectations, an increased number of mobile users and the fact that your customers are expanding globally like never before.

CloudFlare is trusted by over 200 million sites, dramatically improving website performance through the use of an efficient content delivery network (CDN).

Research into customer online behaviours have shown that consumers are impatient. For example, a 2-second delay in loading your site could lead a 4% reduced level of satisfaction and most importantly a 4.3% loss in revenue per visitor.

Consequently, unhappy customers will leave your site before they decide to make their final purchase or contact you if they believe the service is too slow.

So how does using a CDN help my website?

A CDN allows your site to run faster through a distributed network of servers rather than a single server.

By distributing parts of your website such as images and Javascript files across multiple of servers, you can ensure that your customers are accessing your site quicker.

Other benefits of using a CDN

  • Reduces Bandwidth Costs – bandwidth costs for hosting websites can be expensive. Through caching and optimisation, a CDN can reduce the amount of data that the original server must provide resulting in reduced hosting costs.
  • Improves Security – CDNs reduce the risk of suffering online attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.
  • Increase site availability – Hardware failures and extra traffic can interrupt your normal website function. Due to a CDNs distributed nature your website can handle more traffic whilst withstanding any hardware failure better than many original servers.

Using CloudFlare for security


Protect your website using CloudFlare.

Cyber attacks cost the average small business £25,700 in basic ‘clear-up’ costs every year – Hiscox, 2019

Ensuring that all of your customer’s personal information is secure is another valuable service that CloudFlare provides.

Attackers can use a variety of vectors when looking to compromise data such as credit card details, passwords and other personally identifiable information (PII).

As the threat of online attack continues to grow for small businesses, securing your website is much more important and poses a real headache for many companies.

CloudFlare provides a number of security features which can help prevent your site getting hacked or attacked and therefore it’s definitely a service worth looking at.

How StudioRav help?

If website security and speed are of importance to you then using a service like CloudFlare can produce some real results.

If you need help contact StudioRav today and we will help get your website infront of your visitors quickly and more securely.