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Looking for a website refresh or redesign?

So you’re thinking about updating your existing website. There could be many reasons for this including:

  • Your current site looks dated (like made in 2015…)
  • You had it made and just don’t like it
  • Your old website uses Flash or some other dated technology
  • Your old website isn’t responsive and looks terrible on mobile or tablet
  • You need some new features which simply aren’t possible on the old site
  • You want to stay ahead of the competition and always look to improve what you have regularly

Whatever the reason – it’s a good idea. Updating and refreshing your website can breathe new life into your online marketing and give your customers a new vision of your business.

So if you’re considering it and you’re on this website then chances are you want to work with StudioRav for this. Here’s a few tips on how to make the process of redesigning your website easier:

Your competitors

Maybe the easiest thing you can do is look at your competition and pinch their ideas. We’re not saying copy what they do, but if you see a feature that they do well then it makes sense to add it to your own website. Another important thing is if you haven’t updated your website for a while then the industry could have moved on from what you think you need.

Make a list of what your customers actually need on the website

Who is your customer? Why are they on your website? What do you need to give them? Answer these questions to get a better idea of what content needs to be created for the website. Once you have a list of what your customers actually want from your website you can think about how to give it to them – for example a high quality video, an infographic, a special feature or a page about a service.

What do you want to educate your customers about?

Unlike a Facebook page or Yell listing you have total control over your website. It is up to you to decide what you want to tell your customers about and how to do that. A blog page could be used to tell customers about all the great charity work your company is doing, or you could have a page dedicated to your brand spanking new product. You must use your website to tell your customers (and possibly investors) about how great you are.

When someone sees your website how will they feel?

How someone feels about a website is based on more than how it looks – it includes how easy it is to use, what colours it uses, the images it shows, the tone of language. Think about how you want your customers to feel when they land on your website to get a more rounded idea of what you need.

If you think you’re ready to start working on your companies new website get in touch with StudioRav and we’ll get the ball rolling…