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Why you must be on Google Maps

If you’re a company who does business locally face to face with it’s customers then you should be on Google Maps. These days, especially with mobile phone searches Google Maps search results are more prominent. Therefore if you’re not showing on Google Maps you’re likely missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

How to get onto Google Maps

You need to sign up to Google My Business.

Once you’re there you can add your business location and then the main thing is to get yourself verified. This means that Google have verified your business is real (they do this by sending a postcard to your address with a code on it). Once you’re business is verified it will start to appear in search engine terms for local businesses.

What else you can do

Google Maps search results seem to change quite a lot. It seems to depend on where you are searching from, what device, maybe even what time, but in our experience rankings do change very quickly. Some things you can do to improve rankings:

  • Ensure your NAP (name, address, phone number profile) is the same EVERYWHERE
  • Get listed on local directories
  • Get some reviews on your Google My Business profile
  • Add opening hours, images, other info

Some of these things are easier to do than others but by doing them correctly you could quickly improve traffic to your website.

For more help and advice on getting onto Google Maps and Google Maps Optimisation get in touch with StudioRav today.