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The Price or the Partnership?

At StudioRav our aim is to create long-lasting business partnerships with our clients.

Website design is traditionally a very unregulated industry.

You can find 5 different webdesigners, offering 5 different prices, and they will all offer 5 different experiences.

So how do you actually decide who to work with?

For us it’s all about longevity, honesty, integrity and respect.

We want to help build up your business, and in turn we want to work with you long term.

For some people the first thing they look at is the price – can you afford it or not?

Firstly, we would say that price is absolutely important, everything has a price and needs to fit in with your budget.

However, we think you should not base all of your decisions on price alone.

Instead, think of Value.

How to add Value

If you improve your website today, or build a new tool to help your sales team or customers, how much value would that add to your business?

A new website is a great way of giving a fresh look to your company and changing how it is perceived in the marketplace.

With a brand new website redesign you can go from being outdated and ‘complicated’, to modern and ‘so easy to use’.

Custom apps or plugins can boost productivity and make it easier for customers to use your product or service.

This is how successful companies think – the money you spend is an investment in your business, with the aim to add value to it.

Why you should add us to your Team

If you only focus on price then you will miss out on the opportunity to add us to your team.

The best teams are made up of people with different skillsets who each bring something to the table.

We can bring a range of online, marketing, technical and consulting skills to your team.

The best teams are also highly flexible and adaptable to change.

For us this means being small, having low overheads and experience of working with a range of industries and businesses.

Why it’s a partnership

Working in a team usually requires someone to manage the others.

Partnerships can be more autonomous and therefore we don’t rely on you to improve our skills or knowledge.

As we work together you can be assured that we will continue working on making our business as efficient as possible.

At the same time we will bring all those efficiencies and new skills to your business.

Partnerships are also about more open communication and our approach is to always offer solid advice based on what we have learnt and done.

By working with us we are confident you will see the difference in working with a website designer and working with StudioRav.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your new project.