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Hiring a copwriter for your website

Hiring a copywriter for your website is something which is often overlooked, especially by companies who want to save money and do it themselves.

However, a copywriter may be more important than you think.

Copy is the words and text on your website.

A copywriter is therefore in charge of the written content of your website, including headings, titles and other messages.

Good copy can be the difference between professional and high-quality, or low cost and amateurish.

Most companies fail to consider how important a good copywriter is, however we believe it can really help your website stand out.

Why can’t I just write copy myself?

Even if you have a flair for writing it goes without saying that your business may actually need you in other areas.

By hiring a copywriter to work on your website you can go from having average text to something really slick and polished.

A good copywriter will also do their research by looking at competitors, finding the right keywords and ensuring your text is optimised for search engines.

Therefore it makes sense to get a professional copywriter to work on your website content and free you up from such a task.

Tips on hiring a copywriter

  • Ask for examples of their work so you can see the quality of their writing.
  • Be clear about where the writing will go – which pages or posts, emails or other channels.
  • Ensure they include a call to action wherever possible.
  • Make sure they get your company tone of voice right.
  • Determine the number of words they need to right and also if they need to give you supporting content like links, meta title and description etc.

Need help writing content for your website?

If you find yourself stuck and unable to find a good copywriter then our team at StudioRav can help right away.

With years of experience we have worked on countless websites, across all kinds of industries.

Our knowledge of writing copy for websites is very strong and we always look at all content through multiple angles.

With our professional quality work you can rest assured your website copy will accurately reflect your business and brand.

Call today on 0800 002 5152 to discuss more.