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SEO content writing and blog posts for your website

Many website clients are eager to grow traffic but often times they don’t know where to start.

If you are looking to invest in your business and grow your website then working on your blogs could be an ideal place to begin.

As many content creators will know – content is king.

Websites with regular, fresh content rank higher than ones which are not updated for years.

Did you know that by regularly posting articles or blogs for your popular keywords it can help you rank #1 on search engines.

Adding new blog posts to your website also gives your readers the chance to read something new on your website, and a reason for them to keep returning.

What can I write about in my blog

Although we are using the generic term blog, this section in your website could actually be anything such as news, case studies, articles, tips, or advice.

Examples of things you can write about include:

  • What your company is currently working on
  • Give advice to your customers about something they struggle with
  • Promote a product or service
  • Write an article about an important keyword for your business
  • Add guest posts and articles from people related to your industry
  • Announce competitions, prizes and offers

By writing regularly you can expect your rankings in search engines to creep up organically.

Do’s and Don’ts of writing a blog post

If you want to get the most out of content writing for your website then there are some easy to follow guidelines:

  1. Try to post at least 2 blog posts per month to your website
  2. Posts should be a minimum of 500 words
  3. Follow basic SEO guidelines to ensure it ranks well
  4. Don’t stuff your post with lots and lots of keywords
  5. Don’t have a blog page if you don’t intend on adding to it consistently over time
blog post writing ideas

Writing a blog post can involve choosing good quality keywords

How to write a blog post

Writing a blog post for your website can be time-consuming and if you are not a natural writer it can be tricky.

The first place to start is by choosing a topic or theme.

This could be some of the things mentioned earlier in this post, or an important keyword.

For help with keywords you can look at Google Search Console or a tool such as Ahrefs.

Once you have identified your keyword you can think of a title and description which includes your keywords and also entices your readers.

Next, you need to decide how many words you want to write – for example a well written article should have at least 500 words.

Remember, this is only a guide and some articles will demand a lot more or even fewer words depending on the topic.

It can help if you split your blog into sections, divided by headings.

For each section you can then quickly outline your content with bullet points to help guide you on what to write.

Once you begin writing remember to include inbound and outbound links, images where applicable and a good call to action.

How StudioRav can help you

If you are busy or are unable to write blog posts then we can help you with our SEO content writing and custom blog posts service.

By working together we can write high quality content for your website which is fully optimised for your audience.

This service will not only save you time and money but also ensure you can focus on other things without having to worry about your website.

Our copywriters will go through basic information you require and write an optimised and well written article you can add to your site.

If you need help posting it we can also assist with that.

Contact us today for your bespoke quote.