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Website maintenance gives you that extra peace of mind that your website will be up and running no matter what. Having that technical expertise and knowledge backing up your project can be invaluable.

Website Maintenance

No matter how big or small your company is it’s essential to keep your website live. Ensuring your website is free from errors and bugs presents a great experience for your customers and also helps with SEO and ranking.

At StudioRav we bring a wealth of knowledge and technical know-how which will help your website remain trouble-free and running well for years to come.

Our website maintenance approach is very flexible, clear and easy to understand. Whether you are technical or not we will work with you at all times.

Why do I need website maintenance?

Many of our clients expect their websites to always be live and that requires some technical knowledge to fix errors and troubleshoot problems which can crop up.

Without dedicated website maintenance the alternative is hours lost trying to fix issues yourself, trying to diagnose 404 errors or white-screen errors, and connectivity issues.

We can help you with not only your website but also your server, email, third party software and other codebases.

Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance

Why choose us for your website maintenance?

The simple answer is we know what we’re doing. Over the years we have worked with countless clients who have relied on domain or server providers to give them quality support.

Our experience of using support services from 123-Reg, Fasts, GoDaddy and other providers is hit and miss. In many cases we were able to fix problems which support staff on chat weren’t capable of.

As well as being a phone call or message away, you can even come to see us or request a Zoom chat, whichever suits you.

Website maintenance by a dedicated partner

Never lose hours again chasing up support tickets or talking to remote teams. With our dedicated website maintenance you will always have a professional, reliable and flexible team on hand.

Along with our management packages, our maintenance services will help secure your website, server, email, and other codebases. Many of our clients find our packages very competitive and highly efficient.

As a dedicated website partner we will always work with your teams to fix any issues and keep your website infrastructure running smoothly.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance FAQs

How much does website maintenance cost?

Average cost varies but depends on how many hours of our attention you need. By signing up to a monthly package however you can spread the cost and ensure that if any problems do arise you will be covered.

What does my maintenance package cover?

In most cases the package will cover the functionality and codebase of your website. If your website is hosted by us then it is our responsibility to keep it up, otherwise we cannot guarantee uptime.

Do you work with 123-Reg, GoDaddy, Fasthosts, Ionos etc?

Yes we do. We are happy to work with your existing providers and we can speak to them on your behalf. However we cannot guarantee their work or advic they give to you.

I am not technical, can you explain problems to me?

We are more than happy to explain technical problems to you in a non-technical way and work with you to resolve issues. If you want to understand what is going wrong then we are able to explain it clearly in plain English.

Will you work with my existing team?

If you have an existing IT team then we’re more than happy and capable of working with them to support you. This may mean sharing data with them or spending time diagnosing errors together.


We’re ready and waiting to work with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We’re so happy you’ve decided to work with StudioRav!

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