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For a highly configurable, easy to use and affordable ecommerce solution then Woocommerce could be the perfect choice for you. Built on the hugely popular WordPress, this is platform which keeps going from strength to strength.

Woocommerce is one of the most popular and accessible ecommerce solutions available today. As a free, open-source platform it can be downloaded and installed quickly and easily, and you can have your very own store set up within hours.

At StudioRav we have built all kinds of Woocommerce websites from simple stores to large websites with hundreds of products.

If you know WordPress then going for a Woocommerce based website could be a great opportunity to use a platform you know with the added features of an online shop.

Woocommerce website design
Woocommerce website design

Is a Woocommerce website right for me?

Most SMEs can use Woocommerce for their ecommerce websites without any issue. It is a highly flexible platform, with hundreds of plugins covering all kinds of different features.

As it is built on WordPress the server requirements are modest, and you can use it easily on shared hosting without any issue.

Woocommerce is also updated on a regular basis and is very well supported with many active forums and tutorials out there.

How can a Woocommerce website help me?

Woocommerce has a low learning curve so it’s very easy to pick up. If you want a system which is well supported and scaleable then Woocommerce could be great for you.

Another great feature of Woocommerce is it can be customised to fit a range of scenarios from online bookings, custom offers, bespoke invoices and paperworks, and even API integrations.

At StudioRav we can help you with custom Woocommerce plugins and other customisations to give your store a unique and bespoke feel.

Woocommerce website design
Woocommerce website design

Is Woocommerce right for a big store?

One question we often get asked is whether Woocommerce is right for larger stores with thousands of products. We have experience of putting together Woocommerce websites which feature many, many products without slowing down.

Woocommerce has proven itself to work well in a range of scenarios and work equally well on larger sites as it does on smaller ones.

Using CDN’s and other speed and image optimisation plugins can further improve the quality and usability of your Woocommerce store.

Questions about Woocommerce website design

How much does a Woocommerce website cost?

The cost of a Woocommerce website largely depends on the number of products you expect to upload. However in general the cost typically falls between a Shopify store and Magento store. Since Woocommerce requires server setup and installation it takes up a bit more time than Shopify, but the requirements are generally simpler than a Magento shop

How long does it take to make a Woocommerce website?

The exact time depends on how big your website is – the number of categories and products. Having said that the initial set up time is a lot quicker than Magento for example. After that much of the time goes on uploading products, setting up the inner pages and configuring backend settings such as SEO, shipping and invoices. You could set up a good quality Woocommerce store within a month.

Does Woocoomerce work without WordPress?

No – Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. The great thing about this is that you get all the features of WordPress when you use Woocommerce. This includes excellent blog and SEO capabilities, page builders, thousands of themes and plugins.

I need help with a Woocommerce problem

If you have any issues with WordPress or Woocommerce then get in touch with StudioRav to get immediate help. We can diagnose and assist you with all kinds of PHP or database errors for Woocommerce.

How can I improve my Woocommerce website?

When you work with StudioRav we will help guide you on making the most of your Woocommerce store including – SEO, product descriptions and USPs, speed optimisation, beautiful product photography and payment integration. We can also assist you with ongoing marketing such as email marketing and social media marketing.

What plugins can I use with Woocommerce?

We have used a wide variety of Woocommerce plugins which do everything from selecting delivery slots, determine shipping cost based on weight, create automatic discounts, handle finance integrations, manage subscriptions, generate custom emails or text messages and invoices. Whatever your requirements are we can help you.

How can I make my Woocommerce website successful?

Woocommerce, like any ecommerce website, requires a good deal of investment with either time or money. You and your team should be committed in developing the site by keeping it updated regularly. Good marketing is also key in helping bring more traffic to your website. We can help you explore the options to help your business and website grow.


We’re ready and waiting to work with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We’re so happy you’ve decided to work with StudioRav!

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