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If you want to set up a highly configurable and complex store then a Magento website may be just what you need. With it’s robust architecture, highly scaleable design, and excellent support it’s the right platform for companies who are serious about growing their ecommerce websites.

Magento website design

If you want to take your store to the next level then picking Magento as your chosen ecommerce platform could be the best idea. Packed with high-end features, it is a great choice for stores which feature lots of products and categories.

Magento has been tried and tested across many large stores, and is well liked for its reliability, security and great features giving you complete control over the whole buying experience.

At the time of writing there are 2 main versions of Magento – version 1.9.x and version 2.x. Each is built on its own codebase and so you will need to decide early on which option is right for you. At StudioRav we can help guide you to the correct choice for you.

Why choose a Magento website?

If you want to go for professional ecommerce website then Magento is a market leading option. It is very flexible, offers great support and is backed up with many modules and extensions to help your store grow.

Most clients choose Magento because they know it can handle large stores with ease, and it can give the customer the kind of buying experience they would expect from a high-end store.

If you don’t want to cut corners, then go for Magento.

Magento website design
Magento website design

Is a Magento website easy to use?

Compared to Shopify and Woocommerce, there is a steep learning curve for Magento. Most likely you will need a qualified developer who can set up the right server for you, and then install and configure Magento.

You will also need to ensure you pick the right version of Magento for your project – version 2.x is currently the preferred option, but many stores are still running on 1.9.x which will eventually be phased out.

Magento’s backend does take some getting used to, but once you know your way around it you will see that it features all the main components you will need to build and manage your store.

Magento website design

Get the most out of your Magento website

At StudioRav we know that ecommerce requires time, hard-work and perseverance. That’s why we will work with you to ensure your Magento store looks professional and slick.

Whether you need help with photography, product descriptions, banners, payment integrations, and whatever else – we can help set you up and keep your store running for the long run.

If you don’t know where to start, or you just don’t have the time, we can help you every step of the way.

Questions about Magento website design

How much does a Magento website cost?

Most ecommerce websites built using Magento require a lot of time and effort not only in design, but also configuration and installation. Therefore Magento websites can typically run into the thousands. However, in return you will get a much more reliable and stable shopping experience for your customer.

Should I choose Magento for my website?

We can help you answer this question but the first step would be to understand your exact requirements. If you want customers to have a top quality experience, you are expecting lots of traffic, and you are willing to pay the extra set up costs then Magento is a fine choice.

Is Magento better than Shopify or Woocommerce?

Each platform has its own merits so the question is not so easy to answer. It all depends on your brief and expectations.

Can you help me manage my Magento store?

Yes we can. We always look to help our clients in every way, so that includes the initial set up and design to ongoing maintenance and management. Working with StudioRav you can rest assured your Magento store will always be kept up to date.

What if I have a problem with my Magento store?

We work with highly qualified, experienced Magento developers and we can assist you with bugs, troubleshooting, and even custom Magento development.

Do you do custom Magento work?

If you need custom Magento development we can help you. From bespoke Magento plugins, or installing modules our team are capable of it all. We can also guide you on server requirements, design cues and migrating a store from 1.9.x to 2.x


We’re ready and waiting to work with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We’re so happy you’ve decided to work with StudioRav!

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