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Ecommerce websites and online shopping has boomed relentlessly and the pandemic has only sped it up. If you are looking to sell online then you must work with a company who have knowledge and experience in this field.

Many people believe ecommerce is as easy as setting up an online shop and that’s it. Of course we know this is not true – ecommerce websites rely on hard work, clever marketing and keeping your website fresh.

If you want to succeed with selling online then you need to instil confidence and interest in your customers.

At StudioRav we can ensure your website looks good, and also your products are descriptive and easy to order, and your business can handle multiple orders per day.

Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design

What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce is shorthand for ‘electronic commerce’ and refers to selling online. These days most people are used to ordering online and in many cases it’s a must.

Whatever your business, selling online can greatly increase orders if you do it the right way. Whether you are a restaurant, a clothing store or a consultancy – selling online can benefit you.

When selling online there are a few key things you need to get right including product descriptions and photography, online payment gateways, and website speed.

At StudioRav we can help you with everything you need to make your ecommerce website a success.

How easy is it to sell online?

The short answer – it’s fairly easy. There are so many platforms and options available such as Ebay, Shopify and so on. However the long answer – it can quickly become complicated.

If you want to offer a superior level of quality to your customers, and you want to have a constantly updated and interesting offering then ecommerce can quickly take up a lot of your spare time.

At StudioRav we can take a lot of that headache away from you and help manage your online store in a way which allows you to enjoy the whole experience and make sales.

Ecommerce website design
Ecommerce website design

What ecommerce website platform is best for me?

There are many ecommerce website platforms out there but the main ones are Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento. As well as those, Amazon and Ebay also provide extra sales channels for you to sell to.

The best platform for your ecommerce website depends largely on your budget, number of products, and how much traffic you expect to receive.

Each ecommerce platform has its own pros and cons, and at StudioRav we will guide you once we better understand your aims.

Questions about ecommerce website design

How much does an ecommerce website cost?

Ecommerce typically involves uploading many products, editing pictures, adding SEO content, configuring payment gateways and more. Therefore a typical ecommerce website will cost more than a simple brochure style website. You should also factor in the costs of ongoing management of your store for example changing banners, adding offers and deals, and maybe even marketing.

What is the best platform to use for ecommerce?

It depends on your audience and budget. Setting up on Ebay is a lot simpler than Amazon, but if you want your own website then Shopify is simpler than Magento. Obviously other platforms offer their own benefits and features so this is something we would sit with you to discuss in detail. The truth is that there is no ‘best’ platform and it depends on your requirements.

Do you do Shopify websites?

Yes we can help you set up an ecommerce website with Shopify and also assist with customising it. We have experience of editing templates and have worked on Shopify plugins also.

Can you help me manage my store?

Absolutely, we feel this is really important to think about when you start with ecommerce. Once you start selling your time will be taken up packing orders and getting new stock in. We can help manage the store by adding new products, changing banners, adding offers and deals and changing prices where needed. Our ecommerce management service is designed to take all of the headache away from you, and give you a dedicated team of experts supporting you.

What else should I consider for my online store?

Some of the things you should think about include – photography for banners and products, your payment gateway and integration, keeping the store updated, shipping and postage, and marketing.

How can I market my online store?

Marketing your store is vital to help it grow. We can help you with email marketing, social media marketing, graphics and artwork, and pay per click such as Google Shopping or Facebook Ads. Having a good marketing strategy is the key to driving traffic to your store and encouraging sales.

What are the common mistakes people make with ecommerce?

You should have realistic expectations about selling online as depending on your industry things can start off slow. You should take time to develop your marketing strategy and also think about how you will update your website and how frequently. Starting an ecommerce project is time-consuming and you will have to think about logistics, delivery, customer service and retention, but the rewards are great.


We’re ready and waiting to work with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We’re so happy you’ve decided to work with StudioRav!

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