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From pack shots to amazing lifestyle photography we can help with any kind photos you need for your website or online marketing project.

If you want to give your work an added dimension then photography will help you go from great to amazing. Whether you are promoting products, or simply want to show your work in the best possible light, photography can really amaze your audience.

Our photographers are reliable and highly skilled with years, and in some cases decades, of industry experience.

We truly believe that by investing in photography for your project you can give your work that something extra special.


When you should have bespoke photography for your project

If you are selling anything online then it makes sense to have your own photography taken for your products. Our photography packages include single product shots, pack shots for quick and fast photography, and beautiful lifestyle shots involving models and beautiful backdrops.

If you sell anything which is very bespoke, or you want to give it your company mark, then custom photography is the way to go. Your customers will really appreciate the extra time and effort taken in showing your products in exactly the way you want.

Some clients try to save money by using stock photos or manufacturer pictures. Although there is nothing wrong with this, having your own photography can really make you stand out from competitors.

Regular Photography to help your project grow

If you are in ecommerce, such as online fashion, then regular photography can really help you develop your brand and showcase latest products. In these type of industries you need a partner who is reputable, reliable and can act quickly to get photos to your website quickly.

We will work hand in hand with our photographers to get pictures to our designers and then converted and optimised for use on your website or other marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay.

Our regular photography packages are highly competitive and will help your business get ongoing pictures as and when you get new products.


all Photography From models to retouching

At StudioRav we like to give our clients a complete package with everything included so even if you need help sourcing models for your photography we can help.

With access to some amazing male and female models, we can ensure your pictures get the wow factor that you would normally expect from larger companies.

As well as taking the photos we can also crop, resize and retouch them to suit your vision. Even with basic retouching it can take your photos to another level of professionalism.

Photography FAQs

How much does website photography cost?

The costs depends on what kind of photography you are looking for such as pack shot or lifestyle photography. Another factor for costing is whether we need to get the models for you, and post-processing.

Can we help source models?

Absolutely. A photograph is only as good as it’s models and we can help you find properly trained models who know how to stand, how to hold the camera and show off your products in the best light. Many people try to save money on photography by using family and friends – it’s always better to choose a trained professional as you will save more time and money in the long run.

can we help with studio hire?

If you need photography taken to a high standard then hiring a studio is an integral part of this. Our photographers have access to some great studio space with a range of backdrops. If you are looking to have regular photography or want to save money then we can even help you set up your own studio.

What is post processing and retouching?

Once your photos have been taken you will need to edit them and convert them into an acceptable format for your website or print media. Retouching or post-processing also involves adding special effects using tools such as Adobe Photoshop. This can take your photos to a new level and give them a professional look and feel like you would see in magazines.

How many product shots can I get taken in 1 shoot?

A typical photoshoot can last from 9am to 5pm and over those hours you can expect around 60-70 garments to be photographed. The exact time depends on how many shots you require per product, and also whether products need time to be set up or modelled. We will always discuss with you our timescales and expectations for photoshoots.

Will my photos be suitable for my website?

If you choose our photo editing package we will be able to edit your photos and optimise them for use on your website. Alternatively we can also provide photography to you without any editing if you so require it.

Can you do bulk photo resizing?

If you have a large number of photos to edit we can help resize, crop or edit them based on your specific requirements.


We’re ready and waiting to work with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We’re so happy you’ve decided to work with StudioRav!

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