Tablet sales soaring in 2013

Figures suggested more tablets were shipped from January to March 2013 than in the entire first half of 2012.

As more and more people use the internet on their smartphones it’s also interesting to see that tablet sales are also booming. Tablets sit between smartphones and laptops, combining ease of use, user interface and features of both. They’re great for when you’re on the go, and with screens larger than smartphones they provide a better visual experience.

If you’re looking at getting a new website designed then consider how many people will be viewing your website on a tablet. Here are a few things you need to remember:

Your website needs to look good on different screens

Any good designer will already make sure your website looks good in different browsers. But these days they all need to think about what the site will look like if it’s viewed on the latest smartphone or tablet. And it’s not just about resizing the website but providing an equally good user experience on different platforms.

Tablets offer different user interface features

The main one being you can scroll, pinch and slide. This opens up a whole new world of how you’re website can be accessed and how users can interact with it.

Tablets can be used anywhere

Tablets are less bulky than laptops and they have bigger screens than mobiles. You can hold them like you hold a book – that’s why you see presenters on TV with tablets not smartphones. So if you want to design a website for the tablet market then think about where your user will access it, eg. Behind the counter in their shop, on the factory floor?

Tablets are about ease of use

The reason Apple’s iPad was so successful is because (apart from excellent marketing and design) it was very sleek and simple to use. The idea of apps is very neat and easy to use. This is what people expect when using tablets.

Be accessible

If you want to reach the entire tablet market then you either have to design apps for use with iPad and Android, or just go for one website which both can access and display. It’s a lot cheaper, the results can be just as good and development time is vastly reduced.

So if you’re looking at tapping into the tablets market with a new project then get in touch with StudioRav to discuss further.

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