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Website maintenance

Many clients know what they want their website to do, many know what it will look like and what functionality it will have. However, not many think about how they will maintain and run the site once it’s live. Lucky for you, StudioRav is here to help.

What is website maintenance

Think of it as housekeeping for your website once it’s live. It’s really common for clients to say ‘I want abc’ on my website or ‘I want it to do xyz’. But very few think about how they will keep it fresh and updated afterwards. The biggest problem is that once your website is live you need to concentrate on running your business. So, very few clients get to spend time on their websites which they really want. This is why larger companies will have dedicated marketing departments and staff.

But don’t you offer this sort of stuff for free?

If you mean free lifetime after sales support then you’re absolutely right – that is always included. However the main difference with that is my website maintenance service is a lot more hands on and can include the following types of things:

  • Making sure your website and plugins are kept up to date each and every month
  • Making regular backups of your website either locally or to cloud storage
  • Updating website content including latest news, blog posts, special offers, products in your shop
  • Performing SEO on your various pages and content

So how much does it cost?

That’s the great thing – it all depends on you. Just specify how much you can afford to pay and I will create a bespoke package which fits your needs. The main thing is to ensure your website is kept up to date and relevant to your customers.

Are there any other benefits?

It’s a bit like having your very own IT or marketing department. Imagine never having to worry about your website again, always knowing that someone else is keeping an eye on it. And if ever you have something you want to add – a special offer or a news article – then StudioRav will add it to your website for you. If you have an online shop then StudioRav can add new products, discounts, categories, seasonal offers and more!

Just get in touch and let me know your requirements for my website maintenance service.