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It’s not what you sell…

It’s HOW you sell it that matters!

Today I read an article on BBC website about a new frozen yoghurt business set up in London called Snog. It’s the usual tale of a group of guys who gave up their (already successful) day jobs to run their own business and lo and behold – they’ve got themselves a huge deal with a multinational who are going to sell their products.

But it got me to thinking about why this chain is any different to others I see on the high street. Looking at the one image of the flourescent store the crowd of hip young people I noticed something – it’s not what you sell that matters, but more about how you sell it. In business, as in most areas of life, visuals and how something looks influences what you think about it, and how you react to it.

I don’t think this means we are superficial and judge based solely on how something looks. Instead it just means that we use visual cues to determine if something is of value or not. And obviously when you are looking at something it will be the visual cues that you see first! So what does this mean for you? Here are my thoughts:

Packaging and presentation

frozen-yoghurt-snogWhether it’s your business, your product / service, or even you – think about how you are presenting. Think about your target audience, what do they expect? Are you going to match their expectations, or maybe even challenge them? In terms of your online business the great thing is that even if you are a small company you can have a fantastic, high-quality website and give the impression that you are bigger and more successful than you are. It’s not about lying, it’s about packaging yourself in such a way as to say: we are reaching for the top and we’re serious about this.

Live and breathe it

Another thing that stood out for me in the article is the quotes from the owners about their philoshopy, their personal lives and their background. Now in reality this might just be some marketing spin – but why do that? Well as this brilliant video about How great leaders inspire action shows it’s the WHY that is important. In essence what the video explains is you shouldn’t just churn out a list of features and products and services. Instead you need to first give the WHY you are doing it. If people buy into you / your philosophy / your attitude then there is a greater chance they will buy into your products and services.

Brand identity

Following on from the previous point what I also see in this article is the emergence of a brand. Calling the business Snog and the way it’s all presented is as much to make the product sexy and youthful as much as anything else. If they’d called it Cold Frozen Yoghurt maybe it wouldn’t have that same appeal. So you need to think about what your brand conjures up in the minds of people. Is it budget or luxury? Is it young or old? Is it simple or complex?

The High Street

Finally, another thing this article said to me is how cool things are happening in Soho, London. This wasn’t an article about a new shop in West Brom or Dudley High Street. The truth is, cool things don’t happen in those places. Now this isn’t mean to knock West Brom / Dudley etc. But instead it’s supposed to show that as so many high street stores are closing down and being replaced by the same generic brands we need to ask where are the new faces, the new youthful stores which a new generation of shopper can identify with?

When you look at how shops on the high street are packaged and presented compared to their online rivals or even shops in the malls then it’s obvious why they lose out. They just don’t look as good or as enticing. Most High streets are dull, boring, unsafe, grey etc etc. When you look at the philosophy of the shopkeepers or the brands in these places then it’s evident they are nowhere near as strong as what you see online. And I think this is why local businesses are not hitting the right buttons.

If you know of any local success stories I’d love to hear from you. And maybe if you want to discuss how StudioRav can work with your business to develop it then get in touch too!